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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. >> california gasoline now more expensive than hawaii. prices jumping 17 cents overnight. the cheapest time of the day to fill up. a california man dies overseas and triggers an international health scare. how it all traces back to the bay area. >> brace yourselves for gridlock this weekend. how some people are making money off all the traffic. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. breaking news. police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run crash. it happened a little after 8:00 tonight and police say a car hit a man walking on southbound highway 87 just north of highway 82. the victim may have been on a skate board. he died at the scene. officers are looking for the
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driver who hit him. right now, three right lanes are closed. we don't know when they'll reopen. talk about sticker shock, gasoline prices have never been higher. we are paying an average of $4.49 a gallon. goeff night, the price spiked 17 cents. more in some places. now, the government may step in and take action. cbs 5 reporter, sharon chin explains how a simple switch could ease pain at the pump. >> reporter: we're here in emeryville. you can take a look at the gas prices. they are higher in some areas. more than $5 a gallon. it's no mistake. $5.39 a gallon for regular unleaded at this station. >> that's highway robbery. >> californians are paying the highest prices in the u.s. an average of $4.49 per gallon for regular. nowhere near the national
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average of $3.79. it costs casey brewer nearly $100 to fill up his truck and he has 14 in his company fleet. >> it is tough and it's shocking to see it go up so much and other states not quite nearly as much. >> gas soared 66 cents in four days. and its owner is paying $20,000 more to rebuild his 8,000 gallon tank. >> it's been killing everybody. it's going to kill the business. >> some stations ran out of gas and shut down. caused by the fire in august and maintenance. and exxon mobile had a power failure is back online. >> it's interesting. >> the california energy commission says it is monitoring the supply. >> there is ample supply of gasoline to meet consumer demand. >> the state uses a special summer blend of fuel. it reduces smog emissions in the summertime. most is refined in california.
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some relief could come if they approved switching to the winter bland fuel earlier than october 31. some drivers, it doesn't matter. >> we should pay high gas prices, which of course is better forms of energy. >> now some tips to save on gasoline. keep your tires inflated. go easy on the gas and brake pedals. sudden starts or stops take more gas. and lighten the load. a lighter trunk uses less gas. and the best time of the day to fill your gas tank is in the morning because the fuel cools overnight and cooler gas is more dense, meaning you get more for your money. at least in theory. if you want to find the cheapest gas in our neighbor, go to our website. okay. >> i'll be waiting. thanks, sharon. got plans to come to san francisco this weekend?
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you're not alone. a million extra people are expected to flood the city. this is a live look. it is peaceful right now and it will be a different story tomorrow with a bunch of events going on. cbs 5 reporter, alyssa harrington on some of the problem areas to avoid. >> fleet week air show. america's cup races, 49ers, and giants games. a few of the events happening in san francisco this jam packed weekend. >> we expect 1 million to come into the city to attend these events. there will be severe impacts to traffic. >> and almost nowhere is off limits. chp officer breaks down some of the problem areas describes might face. >> it will be a commute traffic heavy, but it could be worse than that. >> with traffic expected to go all the way back to the meze,
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the fremont exits expected to add to the backup. the interchange, especially sunday before the had theres game approaching candle stick. and offramps. >> see the right lanes get blocked? we have seen people try to drive on the shoulder. >> things won't get much easier inside the city. >> it's going be stumbling for anyone who wants to drive. once you get to your destination, few places to park. >> visitors are used -- here's a small taste of what to expect. this was the traffic today along fullton street. to e leaveuate some of the problems, some schools are offering paid parking. others had have tow trucks on hand to clear any disabled cars out of lanes of traffic. >> if they can change a tire, give you some water for your radiator or gas to get you back on your way, that's what they're going to do. >> the best advice is to leave
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early and be patient. you can also call 511 or visit to get the latest traffic information. cbs 5. >> so, is the whrr going to cooperate this weekend? hey paul. >> it is certainly not boing to be as hot and sunny. the cool down continued today. san rafael only 72. livermore barely got into the 7 0áz. the official temperature was only 78 degrees. a lot of cloud cover today. that tells me a big area. over the weekend, it continues to inch in our direction. it's the same low that was to our south and gave us the offshore wind. now it's off to our west and inching closer to us. cloudier weather and cooler weather. it will be dry this weekend, but is not going to be warm. we'll talk about when the rain
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moves in. >> thank you, paul. you can find a complete website of or activities. you'll also find traffic information. >> it may take you longer than expected. they are on strike. they are protesting work conditions on the iphone 5's production lines. a labor group says the new quality controls that apple introduced are too demanding. the company forced employees to work over a holiday. work stoppage paralyzed proturks dins. the unemployment rate has fallen below 8%. the lowest it's been since he took office. surprisingly strong. it shows unemployment fell to 2.8% in december. that's down from august and the
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economy added 114,000 jobs. cbs 5 reporter tells us what is behind the improved numbers. >> reporter: systems and circle pines, minnesota, make food packaging machines. ceo, dale anderson, hired 40 new people this year. he now has 160 employees. >> i think the economy has really -- is picking up. >> he left his job in construction and decided to become a machinist. >> i chose manufacturing for the reasons that it doesn't seem as affected by small swings in the economy. >> research and development budget during the recession. it paid off. anderson is building this due plant. >> we do have plans. >> facially, the economy added an average of more than 145,000 jobs over the past three
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months. unemployment has not been this low seance january of 2009. >> we will below that video. >> much of the drop is attributed to the growth and part-time jobs. >> i didn't get responses to my resume. >> 56-year-old amy crawford was forced to take a minimum wage job in a restaurant when she could not find full-time work as a home designer. >> i'm almost like a bird in the hand is worth three in the books. >> as you might expect, president obama and mitt romney saw today's job numbers much differently. >> today's news should give us some endirgement. it shouldn't be an excuse for the other sim to talk some political points. >> the truth is, if the same
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people were working on the force, why would the reality be over 40%. >> they have been out of work six months or more. economists say we need to hire $425 every month to make a dent. another deadly officer involved shooting. only this time it happened in a usually quiet community in heyward. it all started this morning when police stopped a stolen car near briar gateway and vanned deer built street. what left next that a r left a neighborhood shot. >> i was inside of his. >> shoes and evidence markers. investigators pressuring and documenting the scene. it's the too familiar aftermath of another shooting. this one involving a heyward
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police officer that left the suspect dead. >> hi approached the vehicle. he ordered that occupant self times to show his hands. the suspect did not comply with his orders. the suspect was arming himself was forced to use lethal force. >> karen edwards was carrying for her mother a few doors away. >> it's scary. but i really impressed when i locked outside. >> officer called for backup before approaching the driver of an apparently stolen car. >> there was a weapon that was located in the suspect's presence. fire immediately showed up and they took control of the first aid measures and the suspect was transported to eden hospital where he was later pronounced debt. >> but the suspects, weapon fire department the. >> firefighters hose the
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street. >> i grew up here. so, nothing happens arounder except today. >> police say they are withholding information on the witness and the weapons until they can find and talk to a witness who left the scene. in heyward, cbs . why it hags set off an international health scare. already have a res vyings for tomorrow, right? cashing in on the weekend. they are baling making money on the gridlock. the world's famous spy turns 50. secret confessions from oo7 himself. and those bond girls.
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fo a bay area man died from a disease we haven't seen around here for years. rabies. he passed away in switzerland and may have traveled to eight different countries while he was infected. cbs 5 reporter explains how it all traces back to a sick bat in the east bay. >> for the first time in nearly twenty years. someone died after contracting rabies. health officials say in march, an unnamed 34-year-old man and a friend came across an infected mexican bat. somewhere in the feathered part of the county. >> a bat was flapping on the
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ground and acting weird. another individual picked up the bat with a plastic bag. >> it would turn out to be a fatal mistake. the man who died put his hand in the back and likely bitten. these videos posted on youtube by a rabies awareness group caution that bats are the most common carriers of rabies and any bat on the ground and allows the human to approach likely has the disease. >> do not touch them and call our animal services. >> there's a one in ten chance just about any bat has rabies. if you are bitten -- >> seek medical attention immediately. >> and report the bite. for the man who contracted the disease, it was too late. he traveled internationally over the past few months before dying in switzerland. >> human to human transmission of the rabies virus is possible, but usually does not happen. but because when symptoms begin, rabies is almost always fatal, we want to be very
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diligent so the centers launched an investigation. identifying 59 people that came in contact with them. they have been treated as a precaution. a tragic and sobering reminder of a rare killer. in martinez, cbs 5. we're just going to keep telling you this until we are blue in the face. get ready for epic traffic this weekend. taking a live look. wait until tomorrow, buddy. earlier today in san francisco, gridlock and when you finally get where you're going, good luck finding a place to park. julie shows us how anyone with a driveway can make a little extra cash. >> what's it like trying to find a parking space around here when you have outside land? >> we don't have a car, so that's not a problem. >> what they do have a prime
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porking spot. frequent. >> there are times when i thought man, i should rent out my driveway. the mechanics of the thing, exchanging money, all that, too many too much to deal with. >> one of the growing number of websites that connect driveway owners with people searching. an event like fleet weak and hardly bluegrass. >> we have been getting hundreds and hundreds of unique local neighbors, listing their parking space, or in this case, they are moving their cars. to capitalize on all this extra traffic. >> driver rentals depend on $49. there is a premium. it isn't the only game in town. >> we launched in san
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francisco. >> a baltimore based company that has fewer local highways, but lets you reserve a spot in the garage. cofounder believes the increase in driveway rental competitions is encouraging. >> other people being out there means more people are aware. >> and going to see you again. >> park police believe their personal service sets them apart from the rest. they personally verify each driveway. the key they believe to success. >> you have a reservation for tomorrow, right? >> yeah, that's great. >> times to rent out your driveways. something to keep in mind. driveway owners you are responsible for keeping track of your own income. driverway renters, no blocking swabs or curves. cbs 5. 50 years ago today, bond, james bond, became a movie star. the first film premiered on the silver screen in london and
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monica on half a century of oo7 and his famous bond girls. ken, brave behave yourself. the world first saw the british spy in 1962. three of the bond girls reunited for the occasion. >> i'm a bond girl, despite my age. it's like being a member of a very exclusive club. >> the bond women say the film's themes were sometimes silly. brit's enemy self-destructed while wearing a bikini. 50 years ago, played soccer with oo p. >> this in man's stream. >> pierce, the fifth actor to play bond confesses he was nervous about the role. >> you walk on to the set and it's your first time. i have say, james bond, james
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bond. >> dom know 17 took him around the world. he returned here to london and are the service known as mi6. the author of the spice sered, or the secret agent himself. his writings and famous items are being auctioned at cristie's in london. the crown jowl, used in a car chase. yup. the franchise is stoat release its film, danielle craig. a license to pill. monica, cbs news, london. you.
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we know you. we know you have to rise early... and work late, with not enough sleep in between. how you sometimes need to get over to that exit, like, right now. and how things aren't... just about you anymore.
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introducing the all-new, smart-sensing... honda accord. it starts with you. it's a big weekend, raise your hand if you aren't doing something this weekend. there's so much going on. here's a peek of what we have going on. as for this weekend, i'm happy to report that high definition doppler should stay dry. there's a low pressure area to the left, but it will likely stay just far enough away to keep the rain fall offshore. down to 47. fremont 52. mountain view tomorrow morning
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55. and san francisco 53 degrees at golden gate park if you're walking the dog early. here's what is going on. this is the same low that was to our south and gave us all that warm weather about four or five days ago. now it's approaching us and it will give us a chance of rain. it's just off to the west. we are getting the on shore flow and cloud cover, but no rain just yet. that will change on monday. scattered showers monday, tuesday, and wednesday. as this low pressure area will be very slow to arrive, but slow to leave. next week is going to be chilly with some abnormal rain fall. just about for the entire week. holds off for the weekend. showers, not here saturday and sunday. scattered showers do move in on monday with a slight chance of a thunderstorm. especially in the south bay. coming up on monday and tuesday. for tomorrow, saturday, we're looking at 72 for san jose. oakland 68. and concord 75 degrees. those are five to seven degrees cooler than normal. you'll get up to 71 tomorrow.
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campbell 72 and redwood city mid 70s. some sunshine, partly sunny for concord. fair field 77. napa 72. on the peninsula, 65. alameda 68 degrees. we will stay chilly through the weekend, but rain free. rain clears out by thursday. time for sports. >> yeah, hasn't been like this in almost two years. the four teams alive at the start of the day and only two survive. what happened here in atlanta? the minute is next. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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called gutty, sc hey, the giants 2010, they were built with so-called misfits. 2012? we'll see. got a minute?
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i do. here we go. dusty baker, still a very popular man in san francisco. getting love from will clark. the regular giants will be playing tomorrow. >> we'll see if they still love me on sunday. nothing better than me trying to figure out how to kick my butt and he's trying to figure out how to kick mine. >> atlanta chasing st. louis. two on, one out. i got it, i got it, you take it. oops. so the runners advance. the braves think okay, great, bases loaded. one trouble. they call the infield fly roll and that is how the fans reacted. threing bear cans, braves, braves end up losing 6-3. >> the orioles take out texas.
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5-1 the final. >> what a crash and burn. >> see you at 11:00.
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